65 species of mammals have been registered, among these collared peccaries (Tayassu tajacu), baird’s tapir (Tapirus bairdii) and species of cats of great importance such as jaguars, cougars, ocelots (Panthera onca, Puma concolor, Leopardus pardalis). There are also abundant and excellent habitats to support an important manatee population (Trichechus manatus). 55 species of reptiles and 34 of amphibians have also been reported. To date, there are reports of 149 species of insects, highlighting those that are indicators of the degree of conservation or habitat alteration.


The Indio-Maíz Biological Reserve is a tropical rainforest, that is, one of the most diverse ecosystems. The flora is distributed in the upper layer of the forest, the middle layer and the understory. These are some species of a wide variety of plants that the reserve houses.